Thank you for mini pcie SSD to speed up my Netbook!

My netbook is an Dell Mini 9, I really love this computer – but unfortunately it is really old (maybe 5 years old).

This would not be a problem If the netbook it not would be a really slow.


But in the previous month it was be nightmare so I need to take steps to recovery or even speed up my dear computer.

So I decide to study how to speed up my computer and I found the website which is a really great method to increase my computer’s speed.

best mini pcie ssd

Anyway my netbook has pci express ssd slot (as a lot of older netbook) which is a really good technology (the msata is a newer standard).

I choose the best mini pci-e SSD┬áthanks for the website. It was really easy to install and when I reinstall the Windows… It feels like when I bought a new computer!! It was fantastic again!

So I recommend this site for everybody how has computer which able to use mini pcie ssd because it is a really fantastic upgrade!!

My first visit In New York

Dear Readers,

Recently i visited New York in a first time!!

It means I never see the Statue of Liberty with my eyes, so that was the first sight what I visit.. :)

After that I visit the fifth avenuse for some windows shopping and buy a few clothes for myself.

My cousin live in New York so he was my guide!

Anyway I really love the city now and quite sure that I will be back ASAP.


This is my personal blog

Hi here dear visitor!

My name is Tim, this is my blog. I am just a prayer in america :)

Here i Just blogging about the topics what is really intresting to me, and I know also intresting for you as well..

Anyway stay tunned for the new posts and read my blog!

Have a really nice day!